About Tinytalk Baby Sign Language?

Tinytalk Baby Signing was established to bring the benefits of Baby Sign Language to parents.

Our aim is to do what is easiest for babies, parents and caregivers to bridge the communication gap and establish a Baby Sign Language system. Tinytalk incorporates natural gestures and modified traditional sign language signs: modified because many of these signs are too difficult for young babies to learn and master in the short term.

Why do we need an Australian version of this revolutionary communication system? Baby Sign Language has been around since the 1980s and many different versions have evolved to reflect the differences in language. Tinytalk, collates a number of existing signs to create an Australian version of Baby Sign Language providing a distinct set of signs that will be adapted and modified in response to input from Australian parents.

Where possible, we’re using signs that resemble an object or activity, are very different from each other and only require one movement. Generally, these simple gestures do not require the use of fine motor skills, making it quick and easy for both babies, and their parents, to learn.

Signs do not have to be precise nor do you have to be an expert. It doesn't even matter which hand you use!

Remember, signing is meant to be as natural as talking and lots of FUN.

Ellie signs "EAT"

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