"As Parents, You And I Both Know That Being Unable To Understand What Your Child Wants Is Heart
Breaking And Frustrating.

But, What If There Was A Way To Understand What Your
Child Is Thinking And Saying Long Before They Can Talk..."

How many times have you looked at your child and wished they could tell you what was wrong? Why are they crying? What do they need? What are they trying to say? As parents, you and I both know how frustrating and heart breaking this can be.

Dear Parent

Imagine your child being able to tell you I’m hungry”, “I’m sick”, or  I'm tired”…long before they are able to talk.

Some parents will just go along remaining frustrated, but other parents have taken on the baby signing system and witnessed amazing results. Thankfully, Tinytalk has developed a simple and fun system that you can easily use with your child. Thousands of parents and carers are discovering the benefits of using baby sign language but did you know that you can use baby sign language with children up to 2 ½ years old and that ground breaking research by Child Development Experts has proven that using baby signs with your child can:
  • Help reduce tantrums, tears and frustration for you and your baby and the amount of time you spend playing guessing games

  • Help your baby talk sooner

  • Increase communication and learning at a very early age

  • Help your baby develop larger vocabularies & understand more words

  • Help improve intellectual development, resulting in higher IQs

  • Enrich the bond with you, siblings and carers

  • Increase self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Reveal how smart your baby really is and give you a window into their mind.

Ellie using baby signs to talk to her mum
Ellie tells her mum (me) she sees a picture of a duck in the book

My name is Alison Basson and I would like to tell you about my personal experience with baby signing. I first started baby signing with my daughter Ellie when she was five months old. At seven months of age, Ellie was signing back to me, but it was short lived. At around eight months, Ellie became extremely ill and stopped signing. We stopped signing for a while as it wasn’t practical to do so but continued when she recovered.

Because of her illness, Ellie wasn’t interested in food so we decided to concentrate on other signs like LIGHT, WHERE, TELEPHONE and DOWN, along with a few other starter signs. At this stage, the only sign she would do is UP, but clearly understood many more signs. I guess she had her own reasons for not signing (even the pet she adored didn’t get a look in!)

It was a little frustrating and if I wasn’t so convinced of the benefits of Baby Sign Language and hadn't seen other babies signing, I may have been tempted to give up. It wasn’t until Ellie was 11 months old that she started using a few more signs, some of which we hadn’t used for a while. By 12 months of age, she was making eight signs but because of her illness she didn’t start signing EAT, MILK or MORE until she was 14 Months old. And the cat finally got a look in! “Cat” was Ellie’s first spoken word, quickly followed by the cat’s name “Tigger”.

At 14 months, Ellie had 35 words in her vocabulary: 25 signs and 10 spoken words. I was amazed everyday at the things she told me. I cannot imagine a life without baby sign. Ellie would not be the person she is today without it.

My family’s experience with signing wasn’t all smooth sailing, and I share it in the hope that it inspires you, and encourages you to persist with baby sign language. Whatever you do, don’t give up. The rewards once you start using baby sign are worth every bit of frustration!

I was absolutely amazed with the results so I started showing other mothers how to sign with their babies. I was so overwhelmed with the positive response that I decided to share this wonderful thing with every parent, so Tinytalk was born.

Thousands of parents using baby sign through Tinytalk will agree with me when I say that Tinytalk really works and makes a huge difference to your life. You will see extraordinary things happen and I speak from experience; Tinytalk helps with those difficult times but also enhances everyday activities as your baby will be able to tell you if they are hungry or thirsty, tired or sick, wanting to read a book or play with a toy. Imagine how much easier your life will be.

Tinytalk - Baby Sign Language is great to use whether you are a first time or an experienced mother. I often receive feedback like:

“I wish Tinytalk had been around when my other children were little as it would have made life much easier”

Don't just take my word for it

When you become a parent you discover hundreds of products that are available to help make your life easier, but how do you know which ones are the right ones. As a parent myself, when it comes to new products that I am going to use with my child I find the best approach is to listen to recommendations of other parents. So before you purchase anything take a look at what other parents are saying about using the Tinytalk baby sign system.

He started having tantrums at 10 months & I felt he was frustrated, so I thought it was worth a try. The book is easy to understand and very easy to put into practice. I started signing to Dane at 13 months, he signed back to me his 1st sign on our 3rd day of signing- It was amazing!!! We are always learning new signs and he loves telling me things he can see or what he wants to do. It’s very exciting. Anyway I just wanted to let you know how easy Tinytalk is to use and how absolutely wonderful it is to know how much our babies really know & understand but can’t tell us because they can’t speak yet. FABULOUS!!

Samantha Conlon

“We are parents to Jessica, who is now 12 months old. My husband and I both started doing Tinytalk to Jessica when she was 5 months old. At first you wonder if they are really taking any notice of what you are showing them but we soon discovered she definitely was. Jessica did her first sign (“milk”) at 7 months; it was soon followed by more signs. She now does five signs and knows the meaning of six other signs too. The enjoyment we get from seeing our baby communicate with us before she can even speak is just amazing. It has helped both of us to know what she wants and makes us feel like we really are meeting her exact needs. We feel so proud of Jessica and eagerly await the next sign she will show us.”

Deb Biffin

Here are some answers to questions I often get asked

Why sign if my baby is going to talk soon anyway?
Because until they can talk in sentences and verbalise their needs clearly which isn't until they are about 2 1/2, babies often express their frustration through tantrums, throwing things, or not eating or sleeping. Signing reduces the frustrations that lead baby to express negative behaviour as it gives them the opportunity to express themselves and communicate about things that interest them. Research has shown that signing helps babies talk sooner. Do you really want your baby to miss out on that opportunity?

Will signing interfere with my baby's speech and language development?
Quite the opposite! Research shows that Baby Sign Language encourages babies to talk sooner and helps to develop larger vocabularies. As soon as your baby can say a word clearly enough to be understood, they will generally stop using the related sign, as it is easier for them to talk than to sign.

What if my baby is already talking/saying some words. Is it too late?
Definitely not! Even when babies start to talk, their vocabularies are very limited as it takes time for them to learn new words. In addition, some words like “SCARED”, “ELEPHANT” or “TOILET”- are more difficult than others to master. Introducing signs to babies for words they cannot say can help bridge the gap until they learn the words. As babies learn new spoken words, they can help you to understand the meaning of the words by using signs, eliminating a great deal of frustration for you both.

What about the "terrible two's"? Does signing help?
Research has shown that signing reduces the temper tantrums associated with the frustration babies experience by not being able to communicate. Signing may not completely stop a tantrum when your baby doesn't get what they want (as any parent knows, few things can do that!), but because you understand what your baby wants, you can try to avoid these situations or offer an alternative.

Why Tinytalk is right for you?

You and I both know how demanding being a parent can be, which is why Tinytalk has been designed especially with the busy parent in mind. Tinytalk will give you everything you need to know in a simple, concise and fun approach so all you do is follow the easy step-by-step guidelines and within ONE hour you will be signing with your child.

And guess what, you require NO previous sign language experience. Why? Because Baby Sign Language is used in a different way than traditional sign language. Tinytalk involves signing the key words/signs and not complete sentences.

By now you are probably thinking these resources would be perfect for you, so let me show you what you will receive:

A complete how to guide. This easy-to-follow step by step guide to everything you need to know about baby sign language and how to easily get started within just ONE hour
Clear instructional photos and descriptions to help you with each sign
Step by step instructions and video demonstrations on how to make a sign so that you get it right first time
When the best time to start signing is and what results can you expect
The 12 best starter signs to start with and helpful hits for introducing them to get the quickest results
How to reduce tantrums, tears and frustration for you and your baby and the amount of time you spend playing guessing games.
Easy-to-understand signing guidelines on how to use signs with your child
The 5 common signing mistakes you must avoid
Tips for identifying your child’s first signs – your baby will be so excited that you understand them, you won’t want to miss it
How to moving on from Starter Signs and increase your child’s vocabulary
How to encourage your baby to sign sooner
Video and written examples of actual signing conversations between parents and their children
How signing will help your baby to talk sooner and develop a larger vocabulary
Advice from mothers who have firsthand experience of signing with their own children
How to easily incorporate signing into your everyday routine and have plenty of fun with it.
Plenty of tips and hits on all aspects of signing and your questions answered

Plus you will also receive:

A signing directory of over 150 alphabetised easy-to-remember signs demonstrated by a real person on video
A Starter Signs Reference Card showing you the 12 best signs to start with

And the good news is you can download the product and get started straight away.

FREE Flash Cards, valued at $12.95

For a limited time with every purchase you will be able to download 22 full colour flash cards of the most popular object signs. These will make it even easier for you to sign with your baby. Show your baby the picture of the object while you make the sign to them.

Here is a very special offer for you

Some Baby Sign programs can cost over $50, I know because the exact same package you will receive we have previously sold for more than $50. You can also pay over $150 to attend a baby signing course. But now you can download the complete Tinytalk step by step guide, signing directory containing over 150 signs and a starter signs reference card showing you the 12 best signs to start with plus the bonus DVD and Flash Cards online.

Other customers normally pay anything up to $35.00 for this package but I am offering it to you for the ridiculously low one time offer price.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

By now you are probably thinking that this program is just what you are looking for. I want to take away all of the risk with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

Download and use the products for the next 60 days and if you have used and implemented the information and it has not been of help to you, simply drop us an email and tell us you want a refund and we’ll quickly refund your money (excludes postage & handling for DVD) - no questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Secure No-Risk Acceptance Form

I will get receive:

Easy-to-follow practical step by step guide with everything you need to get you started within ONE hour
A Starter Signs Reference Card showing you the 12 best signs to start with
A signing directory of over 150 alphabetised easy-to-remember signs with photos of a real person and clear instructional descriptions to help you with each sign
Tinytalk DVD - either online access or a physical one sent to your door. This how-to DVD provides you with everything you need to know about signing with tinytalk baby sign language, including step by step signing guidelines and easy-to-understand demonstrations by a real person of over 150 signs. The DVD also features actual Tinytalk signing conversations between parents and their babies.
22 downloadable full colour flash cards of the most popular object signs. These will make it even easier for you to sign with your baby. Show your baby the picture of the object while you make the sign to them.
60 day 100% money back guarantee.

Tinytalk Online Resources

You get all of the resources listed above:

  • Easy-to-follow step by step guide
  • A Starter Signs Reference Card
  • A directory of over 150 signs
  • 22 downloadable full colour flash cards
  • Online access to the How To DVD
  • 60 day 100% money back guarantee

Just $14.97

I know you are going to really enjoy "talking" with your baby. It will have a huge impact of your life as Tinytalk makes for happier babies – and happier babies makes for happier parents. And believe me you are going to be blown away the first time your baby signs back to you. So grab your copy today

Happy Signing

Alison Basson

P.S Remember signing with Tinytalk is simple, concise and a lot of fun. It has been designed to be easily picked up by people with no prior signing knowledge within an hour, so you can easily build it into their everyday life as a natural part of communicating with their baby. Tinytalk uses easy-to-remember, simple signs that often resemble the object or activity they indicate. Such simple gestures make Tinytalk quick and easy for you and your baby to learn and use.

P.P.S Imagine how easy life would be if your child was able to tell you “I’m hungry”, “I’m sick”, or  I'm tired”…long before they are able to talk.